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Kennedy Travel Journal – Day 9

The Kennedy Wolf Pack went International again to explore the small island of Campobello in New Brunswick, Canada (& get that stamp in our National Park Passports! Ha!) The temperature was around 66° & the water temp was approx 45° (#thatswinterinthesouthyall), but the sand was so hot, you could barely walk...


Kennedy Travel Journal – Day 4 & 5

Dusty’s bday finds us in true Kennedy fashion: up for a new adventure. As we bid farewell to the indescribable views of Niagara & head to our new destination in Vermont, we decided (at the last second) to just drive across Canada instead of going back into New York state....


Kennedy Travel Journal – Day 4

We started off the morning in the Cleveland, OH suburbs on a quest to find the Christmas Story house.  We were successful.  While there, we visited the Christmas Story Museum across the street and had fun seeing everything. After leaving the Christmas Story house, we started our adventure to Niagara...