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Semester #1: Done

Evidently, I’m only updating this at the beginning and end of the semester.  Been pretty busy the past few months.  My first 2 classes were Foundations of Educational Technology and Principles of Visual Literacy.  Interesting stuff.  Took a lot of time reading and researching.  Glad to have a bit of...



Orientation?  Why would you be at an orientation?  Well, as a new graduate student, I felt like I needed to check it all out.  Even though I’m enrolled in a completely online program, I live relatively close enough to the University of Arkansas that I could attend the New Graduate...


Graduate School

Well…I must be crazy because I’ve decided to go back to school. Yep…grad school. Ima be a grad student.  Why?  Who knows…. Mid-life crisis?  No.  If it were that, I wouldn’t select something that would be hard to attain.  Everyone always asks me, “Why are you going to grad school?...